ASP.NET MVC Routing – WildCard Parameters

A wildcard or catch-all parameter in MVC Routing allows for a route to match a URL with an arbitrary number of parameters. This feature is especially useful when building CMSs, blogs, wikis and other content driven applications.

Typically, URLs for such content drivenĀ apps should be as descriptive as possible, for example reviews/hotels/germany/berlin/fourseasons. But what if the CMS also handles airline reviews, and want to use URLs likeĀ reviews/airlines/northwest . In this circumstance reviews would be the controller and airlines or hotels the action, but the id is either germany/berlin/fourseasons or northwest. Normally the parameters are inferred from the “/” character, but with wildcard parameters a chunk of a URL with multiple / characters can be read as a single parameter. In this case the below route definition could be used:

routes.MapRoute("reviews", "{controller}/{action}/{*id}");

The WildCard * character allows everything beyond the action parameter to be placed in the id parameter.

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